Fury Road as it was meant to be

Mad Max: Fury Road was my favorite film of this past year and the Blu-Ray, per director George Miller’s request, is including a black and white version, as it was his original vision for the film. The colors in the theatrical version were fantastic, but everything looks even better stripped all away. Those values doe.

Chuck Jones: The Evolution of an Artist

I grew up on these cartoons and even at a young age, knew that the Chuck Jones-directed ones were the best. This video explains why Chuck was the best at what he did. Spoiler alert: it’s because he understood characters.


ALL DAY by afroye

I HAD to put the title in all caps. The song deserves it. I can’t wait for a new Yeezy album. He is at the top of his game and it’s just straight up silly how much I love everything I’m hearing and seeing. I love how hard he goes on this song. I love how aggressive the performance is. It’s like Ye took Fox News’ demographic’s worst nightmare and threw it on stage. I love the looming giant ominous square. I love the drifting ethereal vocals that float throughout the song. The flame thrower? You kidding me? I even love how dorky and in awe Taylor Swift is. Everything is just so bold and confident and striking. Kanye, more than just about anyone else working right now, understands how visuals and audio belong together. Yeezy season approachin’.

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