Year of the clap ew gross this is a bad title

2014 was a rough year for Steadyclappin. I barely paid attention to it. I was like an absentee father that hoped a GIF every now and then would make up for months of neglect. Basically, I was Milhouse’s dad.

Well, no more!

Even if I’m the only one that goes to this website, which is probably a very real and very sad possibility, I am going to make Steadyclappin some sort of cool again. That means more posts, more mixtapes, and more pictures of Drake being the cable knit sweater of rap. (Love you, Drizzy!) Get your fiber, because this blog is going to be so regular.


This is me


Oh hey look! A metaphor for me designing websites!

Steady Clappin has been looking pretty 2007-era-Blogspot-dated lately, so I took it upon myself to give the ol’ girl a freshening up. It’s responsive now, which means that you can have fun resizing your browser window and watching the design get more and more horrible. I haven’t figured out how to do all the fancy shit to get the videos fluid yet, but I vow to probably maybe do that sometime.

I’m sure I’ll tweak things here and there in the future, but I’m on the CSS short bus, so this is probably pretty close to the final product. Also, I broke a ton of shit changing themes, since my last one was so hacked together and terrible. A lot of my old audio posts would require me to go back and manually change them all out for this new HTML5 player I have now. Eff that noise.

My mediocrity knows no bounds. Thanks for reading, suckers!

Out of office

Ladies. I will be in the great wilderness (specifically the actual location of the above picture) for the next few days, so I won’t be able to reply to all your sexy haiku emails. My apologies.


Suckers who peruse my blog The most astute observers out there would have noticed that I have added a little link to the right. I was enamored after discovering the Otlet’s Shelf Tumblr theme and decided to make my own jawn. It’s a simple elegant way to see a number of books (that will be constantly updated) that I recommend you to read. I’m not going to post ALL the books I read—just the ones I think are best—either for actual storytelling or prose or maybe just a superfluous fantastic cover. Because we all know that I am the suckerest of suckers when it comes to pretty pictures.


My blogging is terrible. Absolutely horrendous. If my blog was symbolized as a homework assignment that was to be graded on a scale of 1 to 10, mine would come back with nothing but a chili stain from when the teacher just used my paper as a napkin.

In an effort to get better for my nine visitors a day (Google ads, call me!), I have decided to change things up a little bit. The content is going to stay the same. I’m still going to post about art, music, design, technology, etc. However, I’m going to have more frequent posts with less writing—maybe just the content and a link to the source or article—along with more infrequent posts with longer, original thoughts by me—along the lines of my Osama bin Laden essay. I might also start posting some of my personal photography, if only for you people to tell me how accidentally talented I am at having my film be light damaged in interesting places.

I’ve always tried to keep this site pretty free of my own daily life. I don’t want it to be about how Susie Whatshertits hurt my feelings in 3rd grade. So don’t expect any of that silliness. That’s what my diary is for.

Hopefully, with this new strategy, I’ll be able to put out more content and move up from a chili stain to a solid 4. Maybe even a 5 if there’s some sort of blogging curve that I’m unaware of.

Steadyclappin news at 11

Sorry, sexy readers, for my absentee-father-like blogging as of late. The top secret Steadyclappin headquarters were being relocated. However, now that I have successfully moved my extensive Snuggie and vintage Cheezit box collections safely, my half-retarded step child of an excuse of a blog can get back up to its normal schedule of posting whenever the hell I feel like it.

You’re welcome.