Lord of the Rings explained

Everyone that knows me in any kind of intimate way knows that I love hobbits more than people. I read The Lord of the Rings at least once a year 1. Tolkien has been an important part of my life, but I understand why others might find the literature and lore daunting. There are wonderful themes woven throughout the books, but they can be overlooked when faced with all of the languages and names and places—as well as the prose itself. And as much as I love the movies for what they are, they don’t do a great job at making these things easier to understand. Fortunately, CGP Grey is here for that very purpose.

  1. Sometimes I listen to it. I really recommend this fan-made recording. He uses music and other sounds from the movies, making it more of an old radio show than an audiobook.

Saver Screensson

Siggie Eggertsson is one of my favorite artists/designers. His style is so complimentary to a digital, vector medium. Why wouldn’t he make a screensaver? We all have computer boxes now. It’s so obvious! The website says it best:

Saver Screensson creates unique patterns on your display by randomly stacking vector stencils to create a virtually infinite, but aesthetically consistent set of possible outcomes. Screensson contains 340 individual images and 19 predefined color palettes, generating countless multilayered compositions.

But describing this is not as much fun, you should really see it.

What he said. Go get it at this place. Gotta have that Mac OS X doe.

Big ups to TFIB for the heads ups.

Rag & Bone FW15

For their fall/winter 2015 collection, Rag & Bone produced a wonderful little video. They paired ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov with street dancer Lil’ Buck, which turns out to be a perfect personification of their brand1. The constant movement and change in speed really plays up the relationship between the two dancers. In fact, it’s like watching a ballet itself, but without the snooty ushers. Those guys need to relax. My candy wrappers aren’t that loud.

  1. I love how they pair progressive and classic. They use these really urban silhouettes and textures with mature colors and tailoring.

Kanye West ft. Paul McCartney // Only One

For all the memes and internets about Yeezy never smiling in pictures 1, he sure does do it a lot in this video of him playing with his daughter. The song is beautiful and the video is perfect in how restrained and personal it is. Good job, Spike Jonze. And Kanye. And North.

Also this post was a total excuse for me to mess with a new footnotes plug-in. You know, because my posts are usually so long that reference tools like footnotes are necessary.

  1. However, he is pretty self-aware, judging by his tweet.

State Plates Project





The US government cannot be trusted with design. *Tea Partiers start shooting guns in the air and slapping butts in celebration* It’s all slowly getting worse and worse. Other countries aren’t just beating us in education and healthcare, they’re killing us in money, our passports, and our license plates. Similar to 50 & 50, the State Plates Project is an exercise in what could be in a perfect world. Different designers take on their state’s license plates and redesign them.

See all 50 here.

Twist! Ghostface was the alien, not ODB

I like this music video because it’s the nicest. Joint is grandma-knit-you-a-sweater-cuz-you-cold nice. Also because it’s like blaxploitation meets Dr. Who.

Conan interviews Archer

Anybody that’s anybody knows that Archer is one of the most dense shows on TV. Dense as in layers upon layers of jokes and smarts and details, not dense as in that one cousin everyone has. Season 6 has just started and Archer swung by Conan’s show to do an interview. This was one million times better than it had to be. So much effort for such a quick thing.

Childish Gambino // Sober

Bino just dropped this bananas video in which he tries to dance-seduce (the second highest form of seduction) some honey in a sad diner. Coincidentally, this is exactly how my wife and I met. Except it was in an Oxford Comma Lovers AOL chatroom and not a diner. And I sent her sensual ASCII art instead of dancing. But we’re just nitpicking now. What I’m saying is this: who couldn’t relate to this classic tale of love?

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